Monday, May 31, 2010

Ohhhh Yeah

Pounds, that is.
I weigh 286 pounds.
Now, 306 was my all time high. And 160 was my post-college low.
But seriously, 286. Who WEIGHS that much???

Oh wait. I do. Me. 286.
My huge stomach is like a suitcase I carry around everywhere. It's heavy. Stairs are hard now. I'm on blood pressure medicine. It's hard to get up from chairs. Yes, rising from a chair is hard for someone who weighs 286 and has a stomach like a suitcase - a big soft squishy suitcase.

I've become that hugely obese middle-aged woman, that Gilbert Grape mom, that poor white Appalachian stereotype, that lives-for-food sad sack of a droopy blobby woman.

New habit #1: I am going to post my weight every day and if I don't have access to a scale that day, I will post my old weight. Every day, I will be accountable to this computer, this blog. In this way I am forcing myself to at the very least FACE THIS daily.