Friday, June 4, 2010


No surprise
Weight varies day by day
It's ok it's ok

Thought about it and decided to post my food, too. So now that's my newest new habit, posting everything I eat. I guess I need to make friends with the concept of "accountability"...

Breakfast: Coffee shake (2 C skim milk, 3 splenda, 2 T instant coffee crystals, 1 t ff/sf white chocolate pudding mix (dry), 1 T half and half, 1 t vanilla whey protein powder.
Lunch: 2 hot dogs and about 1.5 C baked beans, comice pear , 1 glass of sweet tea
Dinner: Salad - lettuce and carrots and 1/4 shredded italian cheese, caesar dressing
1.5 pieces of panko breaded baked tilapia with melted gruyere, 3 T sauce (mayo/mustard/milk)
Snack: fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) with 1 tsp Framboise and a big blob of sugar free whipped cream

I'm out of sweet tea and I'm out of sugar. Let's see if I can get through Friday without it.

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